The TreeSleepers: “21 Hookers and an Ounce of Coke” (Single)

The TreeSleepers are a sound bunch. I previously reviewed their last single “Preacher” for the previous incarnation of this site (R.I.P.), and I wasn’t too hot on it. But like the pro’s that they are, they shared it around and took it on the chin. No whining, no complaining. In fairness to them, they then sent me on the details for their new video/single “21 Hookers and an Ounce of Coke”.

The song itself in an entertaining slice of garage rock, and is thankfully much more streamlined than some of their previous material. In lead singer LJ, they have a frontwoman who echoes of the Chrissie Hynde, but with enough of her own personality to not be a direct copy. As the last tease for their upcoming album “Say Yes to Everything”, which will be landing in October, it has certainly peaked my interest. This isn’t a band who are interested in hitting everything note perfect, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s a welcome departure from a lot of the perfectly polished garbage we’re used to.

The same can be said for the (NSFW) video, which plays out like an Irish version of The Prodigy’s now infamous “Smack My Bitch Up”, showing in considerable¬†detail the morning after a night before, cut in with some clips of said night before. Special mention to Leslee Crowe for being up for the challenge that was set to her, and plays her part with some aplomb.

Kevin Dillon

Watch/listen here:


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