Pigs As People – The Plot Against Future Plans

There are a handful of REALLY killer bands around these days. They go against the usual “the album/EP is solid, they can play their instruments”, or saying where it was recorded, bog standard, boring review cliches. Personally? Pigs As People are one of these bands, for me. Don’t worry, I have gripes, but not with the music. The Plot Against Future plans is an 8 track mini album, following on from last October’s Idle And Us EP, and musically this one seems less lethargic. Don’t get me wrong, I dug last years one, but this one is just better. From the Helmet-esque opening of “Rooks”, things just develop more discordant and ugly; Nods to Canadian noise punkers Greys. For flat out aggressive post-hardcore, you really won’t find much out there that can blend grit, a bottom end fuzzier than a barrel full of monkeys, and hooks as well as Pigs As People. My only REAL qualm is why isn’t this band ALWAYS on tour? I mean, really. I reckon in any other music community, this band would flourish, but there is a scary lack of a home for anything that nestles between garbage pub rock and cheese metal. I know, that’s more a reflection on the indifference of most live scenes, but if bands like Touche Amore and Converge can pack out shows over here, shouldn’t a local band who fit into the same category musically be thriving? Well, anyway, if angry post-hardcore is you bag, you’ll do worse than downloading this beast, and keeping an eye on their Facebook page for gigs in your area.


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