Wicker Bones – “Ceannt Fort” Single.

Following on from their stunning “Concatenation” EP from a couple of years ago, Wicker Bones present their latest release that serves as an album preview in “Ceannt Fort”. Unlike most bands releases which is basically the title single and a couple of b-sides, Wicker Bones have put a huge amount of effort and ambition into this release and it pays off in spades.

The package opens with a musical interpretation of Samuel Beckett’s “Roundelay” which sets the atmosphere perfectly. This is followed by “Ceannt Fort Link”, which as the title suggests is an instrumental interlude to connect “Roundelay” to “Ceannt Fort”, which is a seven minute epic in terms of instrumentation, production and vivid lyrics. Written by Brian Dunphy and arranged by Dylan Curran, this song has a nostalgic feel not too dissimilar to what A Dark Horse did a few years ago with the video for “Take Me Home”.

The single is rounded out by a skippable, but necessary in this day and age, radio edit of “Ceannt Fort” but that’s neither here nor there. Wicker Bones show, once again, why they’re one of the most interesting bands on the trad/folk scene right now by daring to be different. Long may it continue.

“Ceannt Fort” can be streamed/downloaded here.

Kevin Dillon


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