BATS, Magic Pockets and Val Normal @ The Grand Social

Well, it was quite the idiot move to have forgotten my earplugs tonight. I now feel like there’s a miniature monster screaming as loud as he possibly can inside my head. But it was worth it.
First on was Val Normal. No fan of music in Dublin is a stranger to these guys. They always deliver, and surprise surprise, they raised the fucking roof tonight. It’s so good to see a band that actually moves on stage. Their new music sounds great, too. I can’t wait for this new album, “Pugman” has us all excited. Everyone should keep an eye on these guys, they’re doing it right. Let’s all rock out in 7/8! YEAH!
Next was my first time seeing Magic Pockets live as a solo act. I am of the opinion that a visual show can make any gig significantly better than it should be, and in this case the visuals just enhanced the show. Having been to see him play with No Spill Blood a few times, I expected nothing less. Wow. That fucking synth. Epic, loud, long chords. The crowd were just transfixed for the duration of the performance, it really was so enjoyable. The only problem with it was that it didn’t last long enough. Magic pockets, I will be seeing you again very soon.
I’ve been to a lot of gigs in the Grand Social and I have never seen a band fill that space as much as BATS did. It was like that moment when about 30 clowns get out of one miniature car. How did all of those people get in there? I went for one cigarette, and the moment I walked back in I was instantly met with the back of the crowd. Well, this crowd were definitely not disappointed. Unbelievable performance. Nice ’n’ heavy. Their talent and experience made for a confident performance, so much so that even a tune that they had apparently written only last week sounded tighter than a BIMM student’s jeans.
Well done to the guys at New Natives for putting on such a great show
Emma Kate Butler

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