So, welcome to Before They Turned The Gun On Themselves, an Irish blog based in Dublin, that will hopefully cover a bunch of cool and cultural shit that we think may interest you. Or who knows, maybe nobody will read any of it and it’ll be about as interesting as the B-sides of a Glen Hansard recording session. From the previous sentence you can probably guess the tone of this blog; we aren’t here to take ourselves too seriously, although we do take seriously the content of what will be published on here. Any opinion is merely that; an opinion. That said, we welcome you to chime in, have at it, and generally shoot from the hip. We’ll be covering music, events, TV shows, movies, as well as good old fashioned diatribes and rants. Probably some random shit too, places to go eat, drink, pose, avoid, whatever. Anyway, enough of this, it’s time to think of some interesting shit to write about. Peace.




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